Paragliding in Tenerife

Paragliding is one of the most adrenaline-filled activities.

The adventure begins when you jump into the void (always accompanied by an instructor), when you discover that flying is possible, when you feel that the wind moves you at its mercy and you get to see everything from a different perspective.

The team and pilots are highly experienced in paragliding. For them, your safety is their priority, which is why they have a top quality team with only the best instructors in Tenerife, including Roberto, the Spanish paragliding champion.

They accompany you every step of the way to make you feel safe, secure and comfortable, so you can concentrate on the experience of flying and having fun.


Service options:

  • 1ªOpción

It is the most popular and recommended option for first flights. The flight from Taucho, with a duration of 20 minutes, takes off at about 800 metres and takes place between the beautiful mountains and ravines of Adeje. Landing at La Enramada beach in La Caleta (depending on weather conditions).

  • 2ª Opción:

It is a longer flight, about 30 minutes, takes off at 1000 metres in Ifonche and takes place between the ravines of Adeje and Fañabé. We flew over the golf courses, the ravine of hell and the small village of La Quinta and landed on the beach of La Enramada in La Caleta (depending on weather conditions).

  • 3ª Opción:

This flight takes off from Izaña near the astronomical observatory of Tenerife and has fantastic views of the Teide National Park. We took off from about 2200 metres, descending slowly towards the coast for about 40 minutes. You land, depending on the wind, either in Puerto de la Cruz or in Puertito de Guimar. Unique and relaxing experience.


Free hotel pick-up


Minimum age 8 years old.


This activity is not incompatible with pregnancy.

The activity is subject to weather conditions.

Sports shoes and comfortable clothing are required.

Weight range 30-110 kg.


Transfer from the hotel Insurance
Flight Instructor


1st Option (800m) 100,00 euros
2nd Option (1000m) 120,00 Euros
3rd Option (2200m) 200,00 euros

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Take a paragliding tour800 metres, 1000 metres, 2200 metres

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