Diving in Tenerife

Tenerife is an island rich in natural landscapes and flora, and its marine fauna could not be less! You can safely discover the underwater beauty of Tenerife, an island that, thanks to its privileged conditions, has become an international benchmark for scuba diving.

The diving staff is made up of a group of experienced professionals who are passionate about the underwater world and who will give us a short underwater breathing course before we enter the sea.

PLACE OF DEPARTURE Free hotel pick-up
DURATION 10-15 minuts
AGE Minimum age for scuba diving 10 years old.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Departure times are 09:00 AM and 14:00 PM.
Equipment and materials Qualified instructors
Insurance included Free transport from your hotel
Sea baptism: €70 per dive
Dives for advanced divers: 50€ per dive
Curso PADI – Discover Scuba Diving: 100€
PADI – Scuba Diver Course (up to 12m): 250€.
Curso PADI – Open water diver (hasta 18m): 400€
Curso PADI – Advance open water diver (5 inmersiones): 300€

Several dive sites:

  • Playa de las Vistas in Los Cristianos (diving difficulty: easy, starting from the beach and reaching a maximum depth of 6-10 metres). Estimated diving time with oxygen cylinder will be 45 min.

It is the ideal place for your first dive or night dives. It is an easy dive that offers the opportunity to enjoy a variety of fauna.

  • El Puertito (diving difficulty: easy, starting from the shallows and reaching a maximum depth of 6-10 metres).

This small secluded bay in Adeje is one of the favourite places for try dives and snorkelling experiences. Ideal for beginners because there is no current and you can see turtles. Estimated dive time with oxygen cylinder will be 45 min.

  • El Condesito (diving difficulty: medium, with a boat dive, reaching a maximum depth of 15-25 metres).

Dive and discover the 30-metre ship “El Condesito” which ran aground on the southern tip of Tenerife in 1971. The wreck, fragmented into several pieces, lies on the seabed at a depth of more than 20 metres. The site is 3.7 nautical miles from the port of Los Cristianos, at a point where currents can increase the difficulty of the dive. You will discover a varied fauna with an abundance of octopus, cuttlefish and “old” fish. An ideal dive to discover a wreck that is shallow and has good visibility.

  • Montaña Amarilla (diving difficulty: medium, from the beach or from a boat, reaching a maximum depth of 15-20 metres).

Yellow Mountain is a beautiful hill by the sea formed by yellow volcanic ash and carved by erosion. Its beauty extends beneath the surface of the sea, with a lunar underwater landscape of volcanic reefs and a large rocky piton with arches and caves. Located in the south of the island, near the port of Las Galletas, this dive site is accessible from the beach or by boat. In the darkness of the caves you can see moray eels, red kelpies, garden eels and angel sharks.

  • Cueva de las morenas (diving difficulty: difficult, starting from a boat, reaching a maximum depth of 25-38 metres).

One of the most classic activities to do in Tenerife! This dive site is also known as Cueva de Juanito or Cueva de Los Camarones. The dive takes place on a rocky platform, to a depth of about 18 metres. From there, a wall descends vertically to 30 metres, leading to a sandy bottom inhabited by numerous garden eels and moray eels (black, duck-coloured and deep cinnamon). Experienced divers can visit the plaque of the Virgin and the dolphin in homage to Jacques Yves Cousteau submerged at 35 to 38 metres by the World Association of Silence.

  • The Meridian (difficulty: difficult dive, boat dive, reaching a maximum depth of 30 metres).

A wreck in excellent condition, located on a sandbank near Palm-Mar. This wreck is 42 metres long. Ideal for underwater photographers: thanks to its backlit environment, all cabins and interior spaces of the boat are easily accessible.

Diving is a great experience that will allow you to “fly” in a completely different world. The marine world.

Additional information

Diving and fishingBaptism of the sea, Dives for advanced divers, PADI – Advance open water diver course (5 dives), PADI – Discover Scuba Diving Course, PADI – Open water diver course (up to 18m), PADI – Scuba Diver Course (up to 12m)

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